Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It's Tuesday...

And I am a week into my new regime - wheatless and dairyless - well, as much as it's humanly possible. I was stunned when reading labels to discover how much of our foods contain one or both of these in some form or another. Am I feeling any benefits yet? Yes, I believe that I am - I feel less 'clouded' - I feel I can think more clearly - and I am less bloated body wise. While I am still tired, there is a slight improvement in my overall energy levels. This is only the beginning - and I have a long way to go - but if I feel like this after only a week then imagine how good I am going to feel after a month. Has it been difficult? Not really, as I felt so badly that I thought anything had to be an improvement on that. I have been surprised at such a difference really as I felt that I didn't really eat that much of either dairy or wheat - however as I said just going shopping has proved otherwise. P has been terrific and read labels diligently when he did the weekly 'hunting and gathering'. The naturopath put me on to 'spelt bread' and flour - it doesn't taste that much different really and I have 'played' making pastry with the flour and that turned out ok too. I guess the only thing is that I have to think in advance to what I am going to eat - there isn't too many 'ready made' things on the market - but the more I become 'involved' with this way of living I shall 'discover' more ways to do things. I am wondering what other things will develop from this apart from the obvious improvement in my health... And while this is not the sort of thing I planned to discuss in this blog - in a way it is a creative journey - my own physical one.

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