Sunday, November 18, 2007

The people you meet...

A picture of me and an 'over the top' sandwich board cartoon sculpture of Edith the cat outside the CAE - Centre for Adult Education. E had to empty all her year's work from her locker as well as collect her assessment pieces - so there we were at 9am - on a Saturday morning parked in Degraves st Melbourne (people who know of Degraves street know that parking is minimal as it is a narrow, short little street mostly given over to small cafes with outside dining) making numerous runs to the car loading it up with art folios, paintings and dear Edith who has spent a semester in a cupboard waiting to come home...

Of course now that it is home - where do we put it all!!!!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

MixTape Vol 1 & 2

E bought both Volume 1 & 2 of MixTape from Sticky for me... I haven't had time as yet to actually sit down and read them but they look interesting. I had read about MixTape in my blog travels...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


G'day everyone - how time flies when one is having so much fun - or isn't that how the saying goes???? Sometimes I feel that I shall meet myself coming back as life seems to be a continual round of going to work, coming home and all that is sandwiched in between... What have I done in the last 3 weeks or so from my last entry... Now let me think... In no particular order

* Met T from DownUnderDiscourse - another stitching blogger who welcomed me into her home with unreserved hospitality and friendliness. Thanks T for a lovely day - I have L's list for his books if you care to email me. Most titles are still in print but may have to be ordered at your local bookshop.

* Said a heartfelt goodbye to A from Feather Stitching and her mum J as A steps off onto her new adventure in another state. Although I have only seen A not more than half a dozen time over the last couple of years I felt very sad (for me) as I waved she and her mother off on Sunday night. But I have promised both A and myself a visit to her new home when she gets settled :).

* P and I went to the Oxfam second hand book sale over in Eltham - we set ourselves a price ceiling and both of us stuck to it - wonders of wonders!!!! I picked up some titles which I have been wanting to read for $2 each - cheaper than the library really. I have started a 'beside the bed' reading list in my sidebar for anyone who is interested. I tend to browse at people's bookshelves when I go visiting as it interests me to what they read. At the moment I have mixed feelings at the direction the book industry is taking - it seems less about the magic of books and more about 'making a sale at all costs' and retail undercutting...
We also took the opportunity to visit G from Patra's Place and of course her husband K whilst we were in Eltham.

On a very different topic I have been tuning into 'The Abbey' on a Sunday night on ABC television. It was a three part reality programme about five women from different walks of life who enter the abbey to take part in a 33 day residential retreat within the confines of of Jamberoo Abbey.

When the ABC had first called for volunteers to take part in this programme I was excited at the prospect of applying- unfortunately at the time I had also started a new job and with reluctance I let the possible opportunity slip by. So when I first saw the promo for the upcoming programme I made sure that I tuned in.

What can I say about the programme that 1263 comments on Monday's abbey forum didn't say.

It took me back to a time in my life when I was involved with a personal development seminar and whilst there is certainly no comparison to The Abbey - that time took me on a journey - very similar to that of the women and it proved quite a ride. But that is where any similarity ends - the Abbey was about so much more. I have provided links to the ABC site for you to have a browse.

I thought that the programme was wonderful and it left me feeling after each episode quite reflective about my own life. I have tried to put how I felt and still do feel into words but somehow the exact words elude me. For a while now I have felt that my life was missing some intrinsic element - something which was just out of reach - just beyond my grasp. I am not saying that watching The Abbey answered what that element is but it was comforting to see how others struggle with similar inner feelings. Yesterday the forum - over a 2 hour period- had 1263 comments about the programme with more than I cared to count views expressed along a similar vein. What is it that we are missing??? In this day and age of such technological advancement we seem to be moving further and further away from our core being - what ever that means to the individual. Many people it seems are seeking, a path to Enlightenment/ The Source or whatever. I find it ironic really that in our continual attempt to have everything we want we seems to have less than before.

As I watched the day to day life within the Abbey I saw the Benedictine nuns live a life of order, silence and strict adherence to pray and yet I haven't seen such contentment and peace. It was as though they knew their place in the scheme of things - the bigger picture - and wanted for nothing more than to fulfill that. Before I attract too many comments about 'the good old bad old days and religious orders' I just want to say that having reached this time in my life I too wish that I had such a profound sense of peace and contentment that was so obvious on the ABC programme.

The Abbey has had quite an affect on me as a viewer - I can only begin to imagine what it must have been like for each of the five participants and how it will continue to influence their lives now and in time to come...