Tuesday, August 16, 2005

M is for Mermaid - yet again!!

I have picked up 'M is for Mermaid' yet again. I seem to have 'lost' the relationship I was having with it and initally found it hard to stitch. But I perservered and have made a little inroad on it - not enough for a photo as yet - I am such a slow stitcher coupled with the fact I think that my glassses may need a upgrade. I felt very pleased with myself this morning - after having another unexpected day off - I stitched for half an hour before I did anything else. The sunlight is wondeful in the dining room that early in the morning and made my stitching so much more enjoyable. I want to finish this by the beginning of Oct. as I am determined I am going to give this to M for her birthday which is in the first week of Nov. I am hoping that my relationship will re-meld itself and I will be able to complete it quickly. Does anyone else feel they bond with the piece they are currently stitching? For me, it is like I am having a 'conversation' with it and I 'feel' the stitches that I stitch into it making it 'whole'. When I haven't worked on a piece for a while I lose that 'familiaritiy' and it takes a little while to regain it. Strange way to describe it I guess...

Apart from the fact of M's birthday I would like to start a new project and I am reluctant to do so while I have 'M' still 'on the go'. I am also very excited as my friends are moving and taking their couch which we have 'babysat' for 3 years. I have already claimed the space that it will leave as my stitching space. A comfy chair, my small table and my superdouper lamp (on my wish list at the moment) and I will be set. I feel like a gypsy with my stitching we roam all over the house - which is fine for small things - but would drive me to distraction if I was stitching a larger piece on a floor frame which I would like too.

bags of fun challenge seems to be 'hotting up' I keep looking and thinking about it but a part of me knows that it would just end up in the scrap bag literally, so I am content to watch the progress of the others.

G from
Patra's Place came by a copy of The Gentle Arts - 200 Years of Australian Women's Domestic and Decorative Arts which she purchased for me. It is a wonderful book and I have spent ages just looking at the pictures and reading bits and pieces of text which catch my eye. I am so glad that I now have a copy of my own instead of having it on 'permanet loan' from our local library.

Melbourne has put on a wonderful sunny, blue skied day so I am dividing my time between here and the washing line. I must be peculiar - as I still get a thrill out of a line full of clean washing wafting in the breeze.

The huge liquid amber a couple of doors down still stands skeleton like against the sky. No evident signs of life yet. But Spring is definetely 'moving in'...

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Dawn said...

I have to say that this is the most interesting 'blank page' I've ever read. :-) As I too roam around the house like a gypsy with my projects, I can understand your wish for a permanent place Sharlee. It's just another wish on my 'someday list.' Hope you find lots of stitching time in between trips out to the clothes line.
Glad to see that there hasn't been any more inside fires at your house, and that the only real harm came to a pair of sweat pants and wasn't more serious. Take care.