Friday, September 09, 2005

Late edition...

This afternoon I found out that I have to have an operation. My sinus condition has worsened and it has been discovered that I have nasal polyps in both nostrils. According to the specialist they large and have caused a blockage back into the maxillary and sphenoid sinuses. The only way I will have any relief is to have them surgically removed - not a pleasant thought. But I cannot continue with the medication which I have taken for some months now. This medication has enabled me, not only to get some relief, but to be able to breathe normally through my nose rather than mouth breath. But because it is a cortisone/steriod combination prolonged use can cause its own problems. I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place. Like all medical procedures it is not without its risks - which were explained to me - and that has left me feeling quite shaky. Plus, the chances that the polys will grow back are 99.9%. In another ten years I could be faced with having to do it all over again. Tonight I am feeling depressed about the whole thing... Not even going to the quilt exhibition today cheered me up - more about that another day. But I did buy a couple of little things :)


Jacqui said...

Sharlee, so sad that this is getting you down so. I don't know what the other risks of the op are but the re-growth should be slow and not cause you the problems you have now for many years to come. These 'clear' years will be a time when you can breath easily again and not have to take the meds you have to use now. Try to see it as an opportunity, if you can :) Hard idea to face surgery, but you would have had to stop the steroids anyway due to their side-effects so things would get worse again, at least with the op there is a hope of improvement. Hope you feel a little brighter about it all now you have had chance for the news to sink in :) Thinking of you.

Dawn said...

Sorry to hear of your need for surgery Sharlee. I have a polyp or two in one nostril, brought on I'm sure, by many years of using a cortisone/steriod nasal spray for allergies. Hope you're feeling somewhat better about it all. What 'little things' did you buy that brought that smile to your face? :-)

Medieval Lady said...

Hi Sharlee,
A little birdy, told me you were down. I know you don't know me but thought I'd pop over and leave you a note. I'm sorry to hear you're down. I'm the queen of walking allergies and many times I can't even take the cure because of reaction problems.
I know surgery can be frightening but just think, you can get it done and then you will feel better. I hope you can find some comfort. When is your surgery?
I really enjoyed some of your pictures. I've never been to a quilters exhibition and would love to hear about it. Sending positive thoughts. Take Care -Patty

belle said...

Hi Sharlee, sorry to hear about your impending op and the concerns this is causing you. I know we're all different, but if it helps, I had an op to remove polyps umm let me count... 27 years ago, and there's been no sign of their return.

I remember post op was uncomfortable and unpleasant, but I healed pretty quickly, but I understand your concerns about the surgery, I felt the same way.

If you're inclined that way, there are some alternative therapies and/or supplements that can help you go into surgery relaxed and positive, and also help you heal and detox the anaesthetic quickly afterwards.

Hope it all goes well for you,


ms*robyn said...

Hi Sharlee - just popping in to say hi & wish you all the best with your surgery. off to read some more of you blog :)

Maggie Ann said...

Did you mention the date of the surgery? You will be in my prayers. Perhaps those polyps won't grow back. Surgery is always worrysome and many times when we have it, we see many good things to be thankful for afterwards. Hoping this will be your case. Modern technology is state of the art nowadays, hoping to read good things from your corner of the world, and add me to the list please, of those who care.

Mickey said...

Time flies by and very soon you will be the looking back over your operation and it will be in the past. Hope you feel happy soon. Prrrr, :=)

Medieval Lady said...

Hi Sharlee,
Just wondering how you're doing today?
Keeping you in happy thoughts.