Friday, February 17, 2006

M's block...

This time the block is the right way around - thanks to P and his trusty camera. I hope this gives you a better look at the block and less of a crick in the neck. Nothing like things being put into their right perspective to give a true account of what they really are.
Last night I felt a little lost - it is just about the first time I wasn't leaning over M's block with needle and thread in hand. For all the handstitching you can see there is quite a bit you can't -as I have pulled it out!!!! Because this was my very first piece I floundered there for a while wondering what to do with it. Despite feeling that I also felt very excited to (i) be part of this (ii) to be ACTULLY doing it. I have loved CQ for ages but never been game enough to have a go. J's open request regarding M's block for some reason caught me off guard and I thought that I would like to contribute in some small way if the block made Australian shores. In my mind at that time it was going to be a piece of cross stitch - something I could do and was manageable. But somewhere between that thought and the 'doing' of the block my thoughts changed dramatically. I have had the best time - I feel like I have discovered my 'pot of gold' - I think it is because it satisfies me on a number of levels - my hunting and collecting and definetely my freedom of expression side to name two. Here I don't have any rules to follow - the world is my oyster so to speak. I know I have not even 'scratched the surface' - but what I have 'scratched' I am more than happy with.
I am pleased with the overall effect on the block. My only concern if any, was that I have made it 'too pretty'. M's request of colour and content were adheredto but I did add lots of bits and that may not be what she wants. Also I had never done anything like this before so as you can imagine the learning curve was a steep one. But in saying that I also had a tremendous sense of peace as I sat and stitched - almost a meditation. LOL - the down side was that if I was watching the telly as well I kept losing the plot literally as well as laterally.
Now nothing is safe - I cruise the bead kiosk we have at Doncaster like a shark around bathers. I stand as almost in a trance as I eye off the beads and wonder whether another couple 'might not hurt'. And well as for the op shops - if I thought I spent time in them before - I will have to invent time for me to adequately cover my 'browsing'.
As I have already said that I have a couple of themes running through my mind - but for the moment I intend to concentrate on the on-line classes I am taking with sharonb. I have just sat and read through the first lesson and I am, apart from feeling a little in awe, so glad that I again took the plunge and signed up for these classes. It seems that one part of my life is coming together and giving me some satisfaction and a sense of purpose, this coupled with an underlying sense of excitement makes me feel somewhat alive again.
My hands are itching to get started again - I think I am well and truely 'lost' to this CQing lark...


Jacqui said...
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Jacqui said...

Oh Sharon, I am soooo pleased - what a lovely approach to M's block and i am glad it brought you joy - as well as frustration :) Once you start cqing there is no hope for you, i love the comment about the embroidering being like meditation - this is how i feel too. Haven't read Sharon's lesson yet - eyes too tired so i've printed it off for tomorrow - like saving chocolates for later. Bright blessings to you for the work you have done for my M.
PS it was me that deleted the 1st post - too many spelling mistakes -must go to bed soon ;)

AnneS said...

Oh wow, Sharon, what a delight your block turned out to be! Just glorious!! Very different to what you first envisaged, but what a serious treasure! And I can feel those positive vibes just bursting off the screen - perhaps you really have found your creative niche :D I look forward to seeing more as you experiment. Enjoy your online class with sharonb - I think extending ourselves within our craft, or trying new things altogether, is what keeps our creativity alive and makes life more enjoyable and complete ... enjoy it to the max!

BTW, I have just got my March roster confirmed, so hopefully we could look at catching up again soon :) {hugs}