Saturday, February 18, 2006

More op shop...

While on a very quick visit to a op shop this morning I found these two books amongst their craft bits. I have always been interested in Assisi work but I was amazed to see the one on Lagartera embroidery. There had been a discussion about this on sharonb's blog earlier in the week.

The price stickers on these two suggests the age they are. They are is immaculate condition - perhaps whoever originally bought them never used them -other than to look. Now have I ever been guilty of doing that - never!!!!

My image posting skills have a lot to be desired but I hope that you can get the general drift... The first three images from the top of the page are Assisi embroidery and the last three close to text are Lagartera embroidery. I actually thought that there were some similarities between them

M's block is now packed up and ready to go on the next leg of its journey. New Zealand is the block's next port of call before being homeward bound. I shall post it early next week.

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Gina E. said...

OOOOOOH!! You find the most interesting things in that opshop, Sharon - I'm going to move to Box Hill! Dying to see the one on Lagartera; isn't that the most amazing coincidence, after SharonB bringing the technique to our attention so recently.