Monday, February 20, 2006

Hunting and gathering...

I think I am taking this 'hunting and gathering' to new heights... On Saturday night we, P,E and I, went for a casual stroll around the neighbourhood. Just around the corner, literally, there standing on the nature strip (verge) was a set of book shelves - well strictly speaking, shelving space which must have been part of a modular desk. P and I looked at each other with the same thought - E just shook her head in disbelief and walked on. Immediately in my mind I started to rearrange the house to fit the shelves in. Our house seems to be in a perpetual state of 'arrangement' or 'transistion to or from'. To cut a very long story short - we bought the shelves home and they are now in the hall way full of my craft books and magazines - P did suggest that just because now I have more room I don't need to find things to fill it up. The original bookshelf that held all that stuff before is now (and I think was much the same as the new bookshelf, but smaller) sitting on my desk and adding extra storage space to my computer area. Today's task - if I choose to accept it- is to finish filling both of them - now that could be 'mission impossible'. I did conclude though that I (we) have a few books!!!!! Once the transformation is done I will post a couple of photos.

And to celebrate I bought home my latest book - I had seen it over on J's blog and the front cover alone 'hooked' me so of course I ordered it in at work. I love the white on white application or for that matter any colour which is multi layered or repeated. Lots of ideas from this book - me thinks.

sharonb's classes - the first one so far is fantastic. She has me thinking outside of the square - which for this Virgo who likes things 'just so' is an ask. I can only see bright waters ahead - my soul is fairly drinking up this experience. Sometimes, we cling to the old because it is what we know, when in fact it is long past its 'used by date' - and I have been doing that for a little while now- not enjoying what I have been doing but unsure where to go next. That creative side of myself is fitting to explode with possibilities now it has been 'given the reins'. LOL - I said to P that not only do I need more shelves - I need more room - a room of one's own. Now where can I put up the sewing machine permanetely???? I am fortunate I have someone who is as supportive as P in my life -who just moves things to one side when he wants to sit on a chair or use the table to eat his meal from. Eat, I said - who has time to eat!!!!! But these classes are just what the docter ordered so to speak - and as I have my surgery next week - they have come right at the right time - as my mind is certainly elsewhere. I even woke up in the middle of the night thinking about fabric and colour wheels.

Speaking of J again. I was touched to read her blog as she continues the story of the maiden - which came about because of the CQ blocks which have been created by her young daughter M.
J is quite the wordsmith and the story bought a tear to my eye as I read it.

We had an email from M&D they are in Spain. M has taken flamenco classes every day and D has wandered the fresh food markets and taking photos. Both of them doing what they loved to do.

Well I am off 'to do'. Have an enjoyable day/night everyone...

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sharonb said...

I am so glad you are enjoying the lessons - i was tickled pink to read this