Sunday, June 05, 2005

Look what I found...

I spent some time with my sister today and we caught up on each other lives over a cuppa... I was telling her about my exploits over the last week. I finally got around to the 'Chicken Scratch' sage - it has more chapters than 'Gone with the Wind'. I told her about her the blue gingham table cloth which her mother-in-law had given me worked with the 'Chicken Scratch' stitch many, many years ago. Her mother -n-law was a member of the CWA (Country Womens' Association) and my sister believes that is where she learnt to do the stitch. I told her that my table cloth seemed to have disappeared during one of my house moves.

My sister then rushed to her linen cupboard and returned with a flourish, not unlike a magician, with a swirling cape. Lo and behold a finely preserved 'Chicken Scratch' tablecloth in each hand. A lemon one and and orange one. The orange one would team really well with L's apron op-shop find. A matching set. Only kidding!!!! My sister offered me one as a replacement but I suggested she keep them both for posterity.

Not only that, but also she produces a tray cloth that she figured would have to be at least 70 years old. This one is for you G - a beloved Crinoline Lady - it too, is fairly well kept - however age and use has worn it. I promised faithfully that I would return all after I scanned them. There is no difference between the 'Chicken Scratch' lemon and orange table cloth - just a different application as far as design goes. I have been limited by size in the scanning, but will photograph each of them once the camera is working again.

Isn't it amazing what we find in our linen cupboards - or rather, that of our relatives. My sister also showed me a couple of hand embroidered tablecloths she bought from Abbey's auctions - I think you would like those too G.

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Gina E. said...

Well, at least they have a good home, but I am wondering why, if her MIL gave YOU one of those cloths, how come it has arrived back at your sister's place, and secondly, if it was given to you in the first place, why do you have to give it back to her??!! I would love to see the other cloths if you can borrow them from Sis for the next time I come over!
I was going to post a message to you about something else - have a look at a blog called Work In Progress. The Blogger is a lover of books like us and has posted some photos of her reminds me of your place!!! Love it.