Saturday, June 04, 2005

I have learnt how to load pictures and link them to another site. As you can see in my side bar there has been an inclusion of another heading - 'Completed Works'. I have decided to start 'displaying' the bits I have done over the last few years - bring them out from 'their eternal sleep' in the 'hope chest'. I have never had these pieces framed for one reason or another. After my 'find' at the op shop the other day I thought it is such a pity that mine have never seen the light of day. It is funny that I shall readily put a stranger's work on my wall, but not my own.
So I am ironing and scanning today and then hopefully onto the next step. After some trial and error with both E and P assisting I have learnt to do the whole process on my own - of which I am very proud. And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks!!

I am finding slowly bit by bit that I am making this blog more my own. Even hung a clock on the wall. Perhaps this is a lesson for me that things take a while to develop. And in some ways this is much a creative journey as what I do off screen. As my daughter pointed out to me that here in a non challenging way I am learning new skills. It funny though I tend to disregard them as such as I have had fun learning them - but put me in a class room situation and ask me to do the same things I would freak. Interesting the way we think...

Pam Kellog's 'Embellishment Challenge' is still floating through my stratesphere. And I have taken the radical step - toungue in cheek here - to begin a work book - just for the fun of it. Nothing too serious mind. Perhaps if I get all these ideas buzzing around in my brain on to paper then I will be able to make some headway. At the moment I feel like I have a hundred voices all shouting 'pick me, pick me!!!' So sometime this weekend I shall attempt to have a 'play'. I am even seriously thinking the library - just so I don't get disturbed or more to the point waylaid into doing something else.

When I was studying - one of my classmate's husband actual rented some office space for her to go and do her work. He maintained that she would feel like she was being productive and get it done. She was writing a children's book at the time. But like us all felt guilty for the time she took at home to do 'her thing'. There was always an endless amount of other things she should be doing. I have read countless accounts of creative people - especially writers and artists having another space in which they go 'to do'. In each case they felt as though they achieved more having a place, besides home, to go to - gave them a sense of purpose to achieve a certain amount each time. Plus I guess, undisturbed, to allow the creative thoughts to flow.

Me, I maintain even if I was in my coffin someone would be knocking on the lid asking about something or where it was... Ok, enough 'chat' let me go 'do'...

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