Friday, February 11, 2005

My Reply to a Response

I have decided to use my reply to a response I got from my last entry as today's blog. I want it to be a constant reminder to myself why I was motivated to start a blog. I am very aware that I could easily get so caught up in the analytical process and thereby forsake the creative 'doing'. I suspect that my analytical self has largely 'run the show' questioning constantly 'why?' I also suspect that in some ways that documenting/journaling each day will satisfy that part of myself. Instead of being two separate entities that there will be a co-operation between the warring factions. This brings me back to the visualization that was part of a workshop I did years ago... We were asked to see ourselves in two ways - mine were a a soldier guarding the palace and a barefoot gypsy girl sitting by a stream. The rigid and the flexible. I am beginning to see that this is also a journey about who I am in the world as much as about what I can create...

'Thanks sharonb for your comment... Since I have found not only your site and the links to other like minded bloggers but all the other 'bits and bods' it has been like an oasis in the desert... I 'feast' on them everyday and marvel every day at the 'wonderland' out there...And it is interesting how one part of our lives can stimulate another area which in turns starts another 'growing' and 'birthing' process...I am very much a believer in the philosophy of when 'the student is ready the teacher appears...' Taken in both the literal and lateral sense, it too is a process of when one is open enough to see beyond or further than the 'immediate'(what ever that may mean to the individual) then a subconscious path opens up to accommodate them - leading to the information,places, people etc which can be best utilized for the 'next step'... The adages about 'the first step being the beginning of a thousand mile journey' and 'it is about journey not the destination which is important aspect' are so true and so applicable to the creative process...I look forward to the future in not only spending time browsing, but creating...'

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