Sunday, February 13, 2005

In the Wee Small Hours

I am sitting here at this hour thinking 'what am I doing sitting here at this hour'... Yesterday was a wasted day. I think the stress of my 'other life' crowded in and I went into overwhelm.
With Mel's wedding now only a month a way and I, the mother of the bride, still 'wearing naked' is only adding to my difficulties... I think Mel's dress has added to my agitation. Grrrr!!!!! I have a 'sixth sense' that everything will be right on the night - but there seems to be so much ground to cover between now and then... Plus I have a speech to write!!!! It seemed such a good idea at the time - and I know that Mel is eager for me to have the 'right of reply'. I feel like a sheep dog running around behind those who are a little slow - biting at their heels to keep them in order... Roll on the 12th. March...

I have thought about my 'little' foray into 'having ago' last week... I think until my mind is clearer I will set my creating aside for the moment... I went back to my cross stitching this morning and just 'did some' - more as a therapeutic measure than anything else... I am beginning to see that I need some way of clearing a space in my mind as I seem to have become 'blocked'... Perhaps a visual journal, that way I can keep the idea and to a degree play with it plus give myself some 'ease'.

E went to throw out an old skirt today - I jumped on it and added it to my stash - nothing is spared or sacred now. Once she would have rolled her eyes but today she just handed it over. The material is not so spectacular but it could come in handy for something. Perhaps some beading on the floral design... Here I go again!!!!!!

Off to bed with me...

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