Saturday, February 19, 2005

100 & 1 Things

The last few days have seen me 'fiddling' more than anything else. I have spent loads of time playing with this blog. It is amazing how one small simple task can seemingly take hours to execute.

Mel's wedding now only 3 weeks away. Every second phone call is 'wedding stuff' I now know why parents suggest paying for the happy couple to elope. Last minute nerves all round. We are down to guest seating. I am writing a 'never ending' list the only way I will remember anything. One Hundred and one things to think about. And I still have the speech to write.

I have taken up with my cross stitch again - a very easy piece of stitching of geese I started last year. I think that it will look quite effective once it is finished. At least one of my ebay purchases will see 'light of day' as finished. I am trying to think 'outside the square' as what to do with it once it is finished. Mel's mermaid has taken a back seat for the moment after me stitching furiously. I have lost interest in it . I think it is because I can't decide whether or not to alter the wording, instead of having 'M is for Mermaid', making it 'M is for Melanie'. Anyway for what ever reason, it has ground to a full stop. I also want to bead it and can't decide what bead to use.

I have also picked up my knitting again. Erin's red scarf that she wanted last year - long, very simple stitch so I can knit without thinking too much about what I am doing. I have always wanted to knit a multi coloured striped scarf, but have made the excuse I am too old to wear that sort of thing. But have realised I am not going to get any younger !!!! This year could be the year !!!! Even though I am not a knitter - there is something about the steady rythmn that knitting creates that is somehow comforting and reasurring.

Pushed myself out the front door for a walk this morning - need that space that walking gives - 'me time'. Lately I feel my life is a series of compartments that I move between.

On the brighter side I have found a book on crazy patchwork - 'the magic of crazy quilting - J Mardha Michler ' - a new release apparently. I have ordered it from our local bookshop so I can use one of my Christmas gift vouchers. Looking forward to having a 'deep and meanginful' some time soon with it...

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