Monday, April 10, 2006

Amazing the difference... little X stitch can make... I thought that since my CQ block holds no appeal whatsoever at the moment I would once again have a little stitch on my cross stitch sampler (photo a couple of messages back) Now up until date I have had not one jot of trouble with this one - no misplaced stitches - nothing... Well this morning I really 'excelled' myself - after stitching for about an hour I noticed that one bit just would not work. A check of the same motif higher up revealed why - I had stitched a X in the wrong place. Could I fudge it? Not likely!!!! Of course - the offending stitch had to be at the BEGINNING - so I spent another 20 minutes carefully unpicking back to that point... Grrrrrr!!!!!!! Perhaps I might give up stitch related things altogther for a while... Except reading stitching blogs that is... :-))

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