Sunday, October 11, 2009


...this one for you... *Back story* for those interested - about a month ago my great niece R who is a volunteer rescuer for a wild life organization was coming for dinner when she responded to a call for assistance. When she arrived at our house she had this tiny ring tail possum which had got separated from its Mum... In actual fact the woman who rang R said to her that it was found clinging to their cat who was looking very nonplussed about the whole thing... R took it to the vet to see if it was ok and once she got the all clear was to take it to a woman who rears orphans and then releases them back into the wild... However this night the woman couldn't help and asked R could she keep it overnight until other arrangements could be made... R looked forward to a night of broken sleep as the little one had to be kept warm and fed... This was taken just as R was about to feed it... The esimated age of the wee thing was about three weeks... E named her 'Flo'... Just as well R works as a vet assistant as she took 'Flo' to work with her next day...UPDATE (when last we heard) - Flo has thrived under care and will be released back to the wild when she is old enough..

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Gina E. said...

Awwww, how sweet! Thanks Sharon!!