Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Birthday

Today is my birthday... And no I am not going to tell you how old. But suffice to say that I would be considered old enough to be an Elder of the tribe in North American Indian culture...

I have done my
numerology for the coming year and apparently I am entering, as of today, a Year 7 - which is a year of learning - an inner voyage. Whilst I don't allow numerology to dictate my life I do see its value and I believe that to look at it as an overview - an 'aerial map' perhaps - it does offer insight into one's life. I see it very much as a chicken and egg scenario to what comes first..

Most people see numerology as something 'out there' almost bordering on the Devil's work -in fact its founding father was
Pythagoras and most of us know him having struggled with him at some point during school maths classes.

Some years ago now I had my numerology done by a well known numerologist here in Melbourne - we did not know each other - and yet she laid my life out before me - both past and present - with an exactness that was mind blowing - to say I was stunned was perhaps an understatement. It was like listening to someone who had known me all of my life... Yes, you say , but surely there was generalizations which could apply to anyone... I would agree partly in point but there were those aspects of my life that no one - unless a family member would have known and even then there were those personal traits that were 'just mine'. All these things were revealed from the numerical value of my name and my birthdate.

For a little while I pursued numerology - it fascinated me and I did one for a very 'straight up and down' friend. He scoffed at the idea that numbers could reveal anything about a person. I did quite an in depth chart and as I continued deeper I could see that indeed his numbers 'spoke' to me about him. I then looked up the origin of his name and I was astonished to see that that is too confirmed what his chart had revealed. Even his house number was conducive to both his name and work that he did - I sent his chart off to him and a few days later received a phone call - he was more than a little distant with me and I realised later after our conversation - that I had unwittingly 'trespassed' into his life - that now I knew more about him than he had been willing to share. From then on I have been cautious about doing charts for friends. An in depth chart is quite complex and offers more than just the surface value of the name - it explores the value of each position of a letter in the name and its relationship to the other numbers - this can almost plot the profile and characteristics of the person. Then there is the actual date of birth which is 'the skeleton' of the chart if you like - as unlike one's name - it never changes. Each number has its own influence and should be treated accordingly.
There is a lot to study and contemplate when considering a numerology chart and I know that the woman I consulted not only did personal charts for people but also corporate charts for businesses.

Numerology still intrigues me and I do consult it from time to time - I find it interesting that come end of July through August I seem to sense a change coming - I have done ever since I was old enough to recognise it - it is as if those couple of months offer a transition time from one personal year to the next. I liken to how I feel as I watch the dawn break - at first there is no indication- just the night- then very slowly the first hint of colour and light can be observed until the full new day has bloomed.
There is some argument to when your personal year starts - but I have always perceived a 'new' year from the day of my birth. I look forward to my seven year - it offers great promise and opportunity which I am going to embrace with anticipation and enthusiasm.

Well, I am off to spend a day with my family and lunch at Olinda - what a wonderful way to celebrate the day of my birth and the beginning of my 'new year'.

Image - The rose - (1928) Hand coloured woodcut - Thea Proctor 1879 - 1966
National Gallery of Victoria


Miss Eagle said...

Happy birthday, Sharon. Have a beautiful day - hope the weather changes to match the happy day. Like your piece on numerology. I have a passing interest. I find it a bit more useful that those Myer-Briggs things that people charge hundreds of dollars to do. We'll have to have a cup of coffee re this. BTW, I'm a three - in every sense of the word.

Blessings and bliss

Gina E. said...

Hope you had a delightful birthday up there in the hills! Very interesting post on numerology. I don't blame you for being cautious about doing charts for friends after that negative experience!

Anne S said...

Aha, I KNEW your birthday was around this time soon! Sorry I missed it :( Hope you had a wonderful day out - will have to catch up soon. As for the numerology, I'm intrigued - I used to get mine done years ago, but don't know anyone in Melbourne ... might have to tap you for some info ;P Heading out to Balwyn in a couple of weeks time to housesit - would love to catch up while I'm over that way :D {{hugs}}