Sunday, May 20, 2007


I found this RowanDean Miniature last year in a local op shop - it was the preprinted fabric minus the threads and needle. As I had another (unworked) RowanDean at home I thought that it might make a nice companion piece to it. The fact that it only cost me two dollars also added greatly to its appeal.
Yesterday I sat matching DMC threads to the image on the front of the packet and whilst they aren’t exact I think that they will be fine.
Late last night I started stitching - not getting very far - but nevertheless pleased with the amount I achieved. The dark green tree areas are all done with 2 strands and two wraps(around needle) french knots - they were relatively easy and quick to do. I am having a little more difficulty with the distant pink hill as I cannot seem to be able to get even tension with the one strand satin stitch and I have unpicked it and redone it several times trying to get the look I am after. The foreground is more ‘rustic’ and allows for a more artistic licence approach and I might ‘run’ the design outside of the border for a little added interest. I am also toying with the idea of using this as a crazy quilt patch - not sure where I am heading with that one though. One concern is that it might not lend itself readily to being surround to multiple seams and ’crazy’ embroidery. In my mind I have placed the RowanDean just ’off centre’ - but I am unsure how that might work visually. I like the theme of a meadow setting with related aspects of meadow life appearing in other patches - somehow I think that may be a little too ambitious for me. Why can’t I think small??? But for the moment I shall just continue on stitching and see where it leads. A good holiday project to do on my time off.

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